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Embark on an exhilarating 4-month journey with expert tutors, each taking charge of their key discipline and expertise. Through a real-life client example, you’ll discover their secrets and skills to successfully navigate a web project.


Joseph Berry

Experience Design
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Diego Toda de oliveira

3D & Spline
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Jonathan Morin

Creative Development
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Ilja Van Eck

Technical Development
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Crafting Excellence

Design to delivery
tentative Curriculum

Joseph berry

month 01
Experience Design

01 project brief & Housekeeping

02 Moodboards

03 Concept Creation

04 UX/UI design

05 interaction Design & Direction

06 presenting to clients

07 design handoff

08 class qa & review

diego toda de olieira

month 02
3D & animation

01 Introduction to Spline

02 Modeling

03 Materials & Lighting

04 Animation & Interactions

05 Scene setup

06 Exporting & Handoff

07 design handoff to build

08 class qa & review

jonathan morin

month 03
Creative Development

01 Styleguide & Webflow Principles

02 Dev Pt.1

03 Spline & Webflow Interactions

04 Menu & Webflow Interactions

05 Dev Pt.2 + Lottie & Webflow Interactions

06 Dev Pt.3 + Webflow Interactions

07 Responsiveness & Accessibility

08 QA & Handoff

ilja van eck

month 04
Technical Development

01 custom code in webflow

02 external libraries pt.1

03 external libraries pt. 2

04 seo

05 javascript

06 qa & testing

07 presenting the build

08 class qa & review

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Learn from all four expert tutors to gain insights into design, 3D, development, and advanced Webflow techniques.

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learn their skills, techniques, and creative
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Think of it as a relay race that mirrors the dynamics of a real-world agency project. Throughout this journey, you’ll experience firsthand how top designers and developers collaborate, culminating in the creation of a unique, tailor-made landing page.

Your mentors will be more than guides; they’ll be your inspiration. By the end of the course, you’ll graduate with a top-tier project that’s not just a feather in your cap but a shining star in your portfolio.

Join the experience and learn
Art Direction
Project Management
UX/UI Design
Web Design
Motion Design
Animation & Interaction
3D Design
on demand breakdown
on demand breakdown

Live classes

Opt for the Full Access Plan and engage in real-time learning with our four expert tutors via Zoom. or choose the Basic plan, allowing you to access recorded sessions just a day after the live broadcast, providing flexibility to accommodate your schedule.
We choose a topic like 'Build your Portfolio', or even choose a Non-Profit to design and build a website and ask for mentors and community members to join us in a fun challenge. After everyone receives the briefing, assets and a timeframe is given, the competition begins. Mentors help guide and teach the participants throughout the process while the competition aspect keeps things lively.

At the end, participants have a project to showcase in their Webflow account and lots of experience to keep growing their career.

Live Feedback

With a limited class size of just 30 individuals, rest assured that your tutors will offer personalized feedback on the project you'll be working on. Embrace the opportunity to ask questions, receive constructive critiques, enhance your skills, and forge lasting connections with your mentors, fostering valuable friendships along the way.We choose a topic like 'Build your Portfolio', or even choose a Non-Profit to design and build a website and ask for mentors and community members to join us in a fun challenge. After everyone receives the briefing, assets and a timeframe is given, the competition begins. Mentors help guide and teach the participants throughout the process while the competition aspect keeps things lively.

At the end, participants have a project to showcase in their Webflow account and lots of experience to keep growing their career.

class chat

Gain complete access to the On-Demand chat, providing you with the opportunity to engage with fellow students embarking on the same learning journey. Our cohort is globally inclusive, enabling you to connect with individuals from around the world who share your common passion. Embrace the chance to form meaningful connections with like-minded individuals on an international scale.


Upon successfully completing the program, you will be presented with an esteemed Flow Party certificate. This certificate not only serves as a testament to your active participation in the cohort but also stands as tangible proof of the valuable skills you have acquired. This recognition becomes a powerful asset for your professional journey, as you can proudly showcase it on future job applications, proposals, and networking events.


Is prior experience with Webflow and coding necessary?

It is advisable to have some familiarity with Webflow, as the cohort covers intermediate and advanced concepts and techniques related to the platform. Regarding coding experience, a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and Javascript is recommended, though not mandatory.

Will there be individual projects for each stage?

No, there will be one cohesive project developed throughout the entire cohort.

The structure of the cohort is designed as a relay race, starting with the project's design under the guidance of Joseph Berry. Subsequently, Diego Toda De Oliveira will teach on the creation of 3D assets. Moving forward, Jonathan Morin will guide you through the build of the design. Finally, Ilja Van Eck will show you how to elevate your project to the next level by incorporating special touches using custom code and external libraries.

Can I access all tutors?

The All Access On-Demand Plan grants you full access to all four tutors. The Basic plan does not grant access to the tutors.

What is the timeframe for the complete cohort?

The full cohort spans a duration of 4 months, encompassing 2 hours of learning per week. Throughout this comprehensive program, participants will delve into the intricacies of creating a web project, from design to handoff, simulating the experience of working in a real-life agency.

The cohort unfolds in distinct stages, with each stage representing a month of immersive learning. The breakdown of monthly topics and corresponding instructors is as follows:

  • Month 01 Experience Design with Joseph Berry
  • Month 02 3D and Spline with Diego Toda De Oliveira
  • Month 03 Creative Development with Jonathan Morin
  • Month 04 Technical Development with Ilja Van Eck

What sets the Full Access and Basic Plans apart?

The All-Access Plan offers comprehensive benefits, providing participants with complete access to a dynamic 4-month cohort. This includes weekly live Zoom calls, each lasting 2 hours, featuring interactive sessions with our expert tutors. Engage in live Q&A sessions and receive valuable project reviews, experiencing a step-by-step journey through the creation process from design to handoff, skillfully guided by our tutors. The finished project can be proudly showcased in your portfolio, highlighting your newly acquired skills.

Notably, all live calls are recorded and stored in your account for future reference, allowing you the flexibility to revisit the content at your convenience. Additionally, participants gain access to the On-Demand chat, fostering interaction with fellow learners and creating a supportive learning community.

As a culmination of your Full Access Plan experience, upon successfully completing the cohort, you will be presented with a signed certificate of completion. This tangible acknowledgment serves as a testament to your dedication and proficiency in the program, further enhancing your professional portfolio and credentials.

Under the Basic Plan, participants receive access to unedited Zoom calls, excluding QA and review sessions. Tailored for those who prefer self-paced learning without the need for expert guidance, this plan offers raw, unfiltered videos. These recordings will be accessible the day after each session; for instance, if a session occurs on Monday, the recording will be available on Tuesday. This ensures a prompt and flexible learning experience, allowing you to engage with the material at your own pace while still capturing the essence of the Full Plan's immersive content with minimal embellishments.

Is it possible to cancel at anytime?

No, cancellations are not permitted. Our aim is to ensure that students gain a comprehensive learning experience by progressing through each stage of the web project creation process. Each stage imparts essential teachings that build upon one another, creating a holistic understanding. Omitting any stage would result in a deficiency in the overall learning experience. Our mission is to foster the development of proficient designers and developers, approaching the cohort as a simulation of real-life scenarios within an agency setting.

What is the project for the cohort?

Participants will be tasked with creating a product-based landing page.

Are the classes recorded?

Yes. Recordings will be made available 24 hours after the live session on your account.

Will I need anything prior to the cohort starting?

Yes. Each tutor will be sending you their required tools and materials before the cohort starts.

What are Live Classes days and times

The All-Access plans' classes happen on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:00 PM EST.

Will there be captions on the Live Classes?

Yes, captions will be made available in all live classes. You will also have a chat during the live class if you rather type instead of speak during the class and review.

How does the All-Access payment plan work?

Our All-Access payment plan is designed to provide flexibility and affordability. Here's how it works:

Early Bird Pricing (Until January 22):

  1. Choose the payment plan and divide your All-Access plan into four easy payments of $249.75 each month.
    This special Early Bird rate ensures a cost-effective option for early enrollees.
  2. Post January 22 (Until January 29):
    If you miss the Early Bird window, the All-Access plan pricing increases to $1,350.
    Your payments will then be $337.50 per month for 4 months.
  3. Post January 29 (Original Price):
    After January 29, the All-Access plan returns to its original price of $1,499.
    Payments at this stage will be $374.75 per month for 4 months.

Please note, that our All-Access plan is limited to 30 seats. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out at We're here to help you make the most of your learning journey.

Do I get lifetime access to the cohort's material?

Yes, the cohort's material will be available in your account forever.

How many people can enroll to the All-Access plan?

Only 30 people will be able to access the All-Access plan. We do this to ensure our tutors provide the best mentorship to each one of the students.

Do you offer Student Discounts?

We do! Email us your student ID to receive a unique coupon code with up to $500 towards the All-Access plan and $20 for the Video On-Demand plan.

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